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  1. Unfortunately, this problem has arisen again. I am not sure what triggered the problem, but I no longer have sound in Don't Starve and Don't starve together. Fortunately, the problem is not isolated. I also am not getting sound in Cities: Skylines or Overcooked so it must be a wider problem not specific to Don't Starve but I do have sound with Dishonored, Frostpunk, and Rocket League. I have again took several hours two days ago and yesterday completing the entire troubleshooting list linked above from JanH including disabling all sound devices in my device manager besides my Realtek Audio device. I currently use nVidia GeForce Experience drivers for Graphics and it is possible that the software is interfering with my audio, but I don't know how to check. Does anyone know how to check this? Other suggestions would be very welcomed.
  2. I got it to work! After many attempts with all of the ideas in the link JanH game me, I tried to disable ALL audio devices listed under my "Sound, video, and game controllers" section in device manager EXCEPT "Realtek Audio" which is my computer's default basic audio device. The first couple of times I attempted I tried to disable the audio devices one at a time. It only works if they are all shut-off except your basic audio device. So it seems solution #3 was in fact the winner, but I had to think outside the box a bit. I hope this helps the random person who also gets this far down the rabbit hole. I've attached a screen shot of my audio devices so you can see what my audio devices look like shut off.
  3. I hope Klei is able to look at this problem of mine. I'd like to play with some friends who have yet to purchase the game, but if I can't play it, this co-op game isn't an option for me
  4. Thanks for further thoughts, @Variant I have been using my apple ear phones. I tried to open the game without having plugged my ear phones in. Alas, no fix yet.
  5. I was told that third party audio software often messes with the audio, but I was not able to find any third party audio software on my computer. My basic audio device executable is the following if that helps: RAVBg64.exe
  6. No Audio on Startup

    Hey @jambell Thanks for your thoughts. I had AW Sound Center, but I uninstalled it a couple of months ago because I thought it was interfering with the game. It is currently not displayed as an installed software so I am confident it is not installed. I do not have Nahimic. I looked online for other typical third party audio software that may be installed that I don't know about, but it doesn't seem I have any other third party audio software. Do you know of any other software I could check? I opened task manager and the only program running that seems to relate to audio is "HD Audio Background Process". Is there software associated with this process that I should uninstall?
  7. I have no sound when I attempt to play Don't Starve or Don't Starve Together. If I go into settings, the sound is set to 0. When I attempt to bring the sound up to 10, I do not hear sound increasing. When I click "apply" after setting all sound settings to 10, the sound settings simply returns to 0. I've noticed a few others have had this problem in the past. Based on forums I saw, I have done the following in an attempt to resolve the problem to no avail: updated my audio driver set the audio bit rate from 32 to 16. reinstalled DST change the settings.ini file on my computer to "10" I look forward to hearing other ideas. Alienware 15R3 Windows 10 played via Steam
  8. No Audio on Startup

    I also have this problem. My setting start at 0 for music, special fx, etc. but if I try to change settings it reverts back to 0. My DxDiag is attached. I do not have this problem with other games or watching youtube videos. I have also tried to set my audio device to run at 16 bit 48k as I saw this as a fix from other posts. DxDiag.txt