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  1. my compact system. Work fine
  2. A game without a difference on a video card (although you can put some of the calculations on it). The game needs a good processor.
  3. I do not mean it. I'm talking about the fact that at the start of fps all high. And then about 10-15
  4. can you reply this message?
  5. I also have a solid 60 frames per second at the beginning. If the number of frames per second were not limited, then I would have 140. But for ~ 500 cycles I had about 10-15 frames per second.
  6. It was interesting to read about asynchronous programming. This can and should be optimized. It is not easy, but it is necessary. Intel has good performance on every core. Especially on i9. If the game lags on all PCs, then this game requires, screaming to be optimized. But I think that the developers want to finish the features first, and then optimize them. But if they keep silent about this, then this will never happen.
  7. different concepts. The complexity and number of calculations are also completely different. In the engine "Origins" them much more
  8. No, this is new reviews. You buy a computer for 1400 bucks and you have 10 fps in the game. Why not transfer part of the calculations from the processor, I do not understand. In Assasins, creed Odysey has a MUCH more calculations.
  9. what are you talking about? I have 4 full cores. People here said that on i9 ~ 20fps
  10. game have 10 fps on midgame.. release? realy?
  11. I have i58400, gtx1070ti, 12gb (this save need ~6gb) релиз 2.sav
  12. [Game Update] - 352488

    ty for changelog!
  13. I have 40 fps now! this patch AMAZING! WOW but this not 60..