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  1. Maybe to both scenarios, eheh! I do have an attraction towards the chef... Also, I apologize for my absence once more. Here's some old-ish art to compensate -- newer stuff is posted on my Patreon, though I'm also way more active in Tumblr and Twitter!
  2. Hahah, I hope I can animate things one day so that's possible! Thank you, by the way! And I forgot to mention, said characters are one of my OC's family -- specifically Waylon's father, mother and younger brother! Incoming art dump now that I'm back into DS stuff. Heeeeere we go!
  3. Thank you!! He's fun to draw, hahah. Boy howdy, I haven't posted art here in a while! Well, here's a compilation of OCs and canon characters alike!
  4. Shadow Warly's indeed a fun little concept! Here's hoping we get the skin eventually... Also, other Shipwrecks I should draw just as often!
  5. Thank you!! Judging by that pink I'd say it's strawberry? Didn't really think about it, heh. And now, here's a redesign for my version of Triumphant Warly!
  6. So today is my birthday! T'was a good month, yes siree.
  7. Both? Both! Also and as is mandatory, heartbreak time.
  8. Re: those reaction images, there's no real context behind them... I just wanted to draw Warly making faces! Yes I did, and I'm gonna draw it in due time -- in the meanwhile, here's the Roseate skin! Also I'm in South America actually, currently going through winter -- while there's no snow where I live, there are certainly lots of storms!
  9. Even more Warly, of course! It was stormy last night and I got inspired.
  10. Welcome and thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy my stuff! LOL nice! And yeah, I'll probably draw more Whiskey eventually! I'll draw that one day! In the meanwhile: Also have some Warlys!
  11. I apologize for my absence -- real life has been kicking my butt lately. Here's a relatively new OC, a cowgirl able to ride creatures other than Beefalo!
  12. Nope, that's my OC Tyler! Thank you! Aye, I'm looking forward to it! Also, sorry for my quietness lately! Here's some Victorian/Gorge skins for my OCs. Fun stuff!
  13. So the lyrics to "Relax, Take It Easy" fit a survivor desperately trying to stay chill in a dire situation really well...
  14. And he's getting all the belly rubs! So not quite a werewolf, but well, furry Warly ahoy. Also some humanoid Packims!
  15. Thank you kindly! I try! I'm glad you think so! Lmao I gotta draw Wolfgang again sometime- My Triumphant Warly can shapeshift, and the brainstorming led to this little concept! Something tells me I'll end up drawing him as a werewolf too...