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  1. I was almost gonna riot ! like geez Klei you can't rework perfection....
  2. honestly you can't blame them when we got the mime king get it ? meme,mime i am out of here
  3. wilson existence an itself is contribution to the team the guy is literary a walking beard farm
  4. i led them slowly using their horn near my base where they met their doom with 4 or 5 poison birchnut
  5. do you mean the tam hat ? and yes all herds died since i had the genius idea of gathering them in one place
  6. like that one time when all my beefalo herds died by poison birchnut i was so angry i burned all of them then commit suicide by pigs
  7. idk if anyone did meme it before but here it is since i really enjoyed being webber after i grew sick of willow tendencies to burn the base ok the real reason spider fight to death are cool as heck
  8. and can actually invent things not like someone who has the perk of magic mambo jambo ~~ no offence