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  1. The error still occurs, unfortunately. My drivers are working properly and are up to date. I made another post with new logs of this problem to show that the error still occurred. Other people are also having this error, he is Brazilian like me \ o / I killed the character and entered the island, can see the island completely with the color cube of ghost, did not occur this error. I think it's not a problem with my video card. I also did a test with another computer from a friend, the same error occurred, his video card is from the same company (intel).
  2. I am reporting this bug again along with the log files. Now the error happens different, when entering the island, a graphic error occurs, the screen changes color and you can not see anything. Note: All mods are disabled, I've uninstalled the game and checked the integrity of the files. (2x)
  3. Here is the file > client_log.txt After the Hotfix, the error still occurs, the screen color is now gray for some characters and orange for others. :c I'm sad that I still can not play the new update.
  4. On the first day of the beta, when entering the whole world turned black, impossible to play. Later this bug has been fixed, but now, on entering the islands, it is still happening, the same is happening with my friends. The screenshots below show the error:.