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  1. Dup will not empty Bladder

    It just happened again with another Dup. I think its because of the 100% Bladder 0% Stamina Combo.
  2. I have a Dup that is unable to empty its Bladder, and wont empty it by peeing on the Florr. It is currently stuck in a Loop going from one Toilet to another and slowly Starving. I attached a Screens with the Dups Stats, and one showing the Toilet Setup to prove it should work. This Problem does not apply to my other Dups, the use the Toilets with no Issue. Additional Info: When the Dup finished with the Toliet, no polluted water is entering the pipes, althought that is happening with all the other dups. I had this Issue with the same Dup about an Hour Ago, but she managed to break out of it there (i dont know how, didnt see anything special going on). PS: The Dup did just died, so it didnt break out of the Loop this Time.
  3. After i let my Colony die on purpose i had a look around the different Windows. I noticed that i was still able to asign a new Skill to a Character. The Character List was empty, but there was a Character preselected (probably the last one i selected before). I was able to add a new Skill to him.