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  1. Klei, please indicate an animation to the Merm when is hungry and full so at least we know how much food we need to feed him to maintain him alive, like the beefalo farting when full, so that we will know if we underfed him or overfed him.
  2. Cant seem to find any Klei servers in my browse.Pls Help
  3. Thank you so much Klei as always. Loved the reworked and Hotfix
  4. There is currently no cave placed in the world setting of the Catcoon Den Klei Server. Need to be fix.
  5. Klei, can u please modify the longevity of the mushlights providing light to more than 6 days, it is always a hassle to restock them with bulbs making the drops from the boss of having the highest hp in the game close to being one of the useless drops from bosses. At least extend it to 15-20days, so that even if the toadstool drop is purely for decoration at least it will not be a trouble to place bulbs for them, so that we can be satisfied.