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  1. Hello, I got stuck in the air when I tried to jump off boat while a giant was standing on my landing area. The giant eventually hit me but I’m still stuck *RIP screenshot, reporting via phone On this screenshot, There’s another boat beside this one where my friend was standing and hitting Bearger with a boomerang.
  2. I must add that it happened when the thermal stone was in my inventory, haven’t tested it when its on ground.
  3. Hello, In my recent world(2nd Turn of Tides world), MacTusks hut spawned at the edge of the forest biome and the sea causing MacTusk to spawn at sea. This ables him to run on water where he is unreachable while he relentlessly hit you with blowdarts.
  4. Hello, When you have a cold metamorphosed flame skin for thermal stone, it will turn to its classic skin when you rollback.
  5. Hello, Birds in bird cages disappears when you rollback.
  6. Wortox can soul-hop from boat to land but can't soul-hop from land to boat.
  7. Hello, when tooth traps has been sprung by mobs, pressing action button(space) your character will pick them up instead of resetting it.