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  1. Duplicants stuck in finding safer area loop

    It is difficult, but that's part of the fun! This behavior loop does appear to be heat based. I unlocked sandbox mode for this map and dropped the temperature in my base and they started to behave normally. Interestingly the battery cluster to the left of that screenshot seems to be impossible to cool. I dropped the temp down to the point where the gas in the air liquified (very cool that this happens, actually) and the batteries didn't drop a degree. Is this some sort of weird temperature feedback loop?
  2. Duplicants stuck in finding safer area loop

    Thanks for figuring this out, and the tips! I guess part of the issue is that there's nothing in the game that tells the player this is the problem. If a dup is in immediate danger you get a big flashing warning but having them avoid a situation without specific messages just makes it look like a bug. I didn't think temperature would be an issue at that point; this is very helpful.
  3. Almost all of my duplicants get stuck in a loop "finding safe area" and congregate in the same spots. In the attached save, they cluster in a pool of water in the top left corner, run back to the main base, then go back to that area, over and over. Stuck in safe loop.sav