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  1. Why does fog exist

    I did not want to insult you sincerely I think you're a child, now I admit I was very rude but you were being irrational it seemed that you just wanted to win something
  2. Question about character reset

    I have no idea what will happen but it would not be easier to delete your saved from ds you can search in google exactly where is it that way you'll make sure you do not have surprises later
  3. Why does fog exist

    let me recap you do not like the fog, you do not offer anything to improve it and you only complain and look for the bad of what the others tell you. later you complain that to counteract the fog you need equipment use equipment to deal with the fog that is not fun hmmmnnn weather, don't starve, equipment .............. and also you say that the pit hat only exists for the fog that other items have more effects then you put a list of examples one of them (the winter hat gives sanity besides the heat) but it turns out that the pit hat provides wetnees resistance and also sanity 3 effects good luck we discovered that you are a 6 year old boy fastidioso y berrinchudo
  4. the cold blood of reptiles means that they adapt to the temperature of the environment when it is hot they are more active with cold otherwise The ability to adapt requires less energy and food to survive. Do not leave school ah I had forgotten snakeskin jacket to stay dry
  5. Why does fog exist

    the post is pure again. children go out to complain enjoy enjoy and I agree I also already stop
  6. Why does fog exist

    we said his name many times now he seeks revenge God help us
  7. Why does fog exist

    U can disable the fog and look for warbucks mod
  8. yes, the targeting with a controller is very annoying I do not think it's a bug at all because as the gnat swarm is so close to you it's normal not to be able to interact with anything that's how ds works with controllers. for that mechanics is that I have killed many of my puppets of the shadows without wanting to, also you can not use range weapons properly. In case they do not fix it take in mind you can disconnect your controller for a moment and do what you have to do
  9. Wagstaff infroggles

    wagstaff infroggles when you equip and then you take off the infroggles the character turns gray including his equipment (helmet and hands) even the light of his telebrella turns gray. I do not know if it's related to the bug but the spectoggles their perk to mark the danger sometings stop working in Hamlet ruins when you recover life in any way the bug disappears