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  1. thanks for the ideas, i have tried updating my video card drivers, but that did not seem to help. @sharraShimada so far ONI is the first game i had this problem with.(or at least noticed with)
  2. i don't know if you have encountered this before, but i just got the game and tried playing it. I noticed the problem started in the main menu where things were rapidly flashing in and out of existence(kinda like a strobe light). i started a game hoping that it would go away, it didn't. i restarted the game, it didn't help. i tried changing the settings from full screen to window mode and problem continued. some things i noticed were the environment never did the flashing. it seemed limited to anything with an animation. also, some things with an animation managed to stay visible, but others stayed invisible until i moved my cursor over it. unsure what else to include.