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  1. It was the mods. I googled all different types of things to try and eventually I took at the log myself after learning how to read it haha. I completely removed the steam mod folder for Oni, it now works. Thanks so much for your help and patience. You're awesome.
  2. Thank you for trying. I removed the mods and couldn't find an issue with the time connection. Still crashes. I added the updated .log if you are interested. Again, thank you. Player.log
  3. I have been having some trouble with Oxygen Not Included.Issues that I have are, I press "Play" on Steam and the "Klei Entertainment" sign will load up for about 2 seconds, then it will close and the game will "sync", then quit.I have tried turning off "Steam Overlay", no luck.I have checked package contents and got the all clear, the game wouldn't start.I sadly do not have the option to isolate a graphics card.I have reset my Mac, re-installed the game, no luck.Currently running on a Macbook Air 13-inch, Early 2015, 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB Memory 1600 MHz DDR3 and Intel Graphics HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB.I currently have 41 Hrs on the game and only until yesterday did it stop working, and I have googled many times how to find an answer, but I can't seem too.Thank you for your time. OxygenNotIncluded_2019-05-12-113252_Samuels-MacBook-Air.cpu_resource.diag