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  1. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    I honestly don't think you even have an argument but to humor you, Pig heads are decorative, even though you can hammer them, and pig skin (A largely more powerful/scarce material) is renewable despite its power not only that but rocks are easy to get, mine from village, buy golf, buy tools if in real deep need, etc, oincs make everything you say unimportant for inexperianced player and for an inexperienced player, well, they're inexperienced they'll play die and eventually learn like the rest of us. Not to mention they're in the game files, so the devs clearly thought about it a lot, and if 20 days if op for some reason (The devs know more then us) then maybe change it, nothing is set in STONE.....
  2. Ro-Bin Suggestions OH! i thought it was some weird follower i've never heard of lol yeah i don't use it often, but i guess i rarely go late game so i cant personally say
  3. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    Yeah, i agree in some aspects but i also wish it was more then just a harder to get Chester.... it isn't because i think hes bad, hes useful, but i have a bad habit of comparing things, like how i compare Chester and Cave Chester (I love him why do i forget his name!) or Ro-Bin and Packims, he is damn useful, i just remember the first time i found Packims and learned about his cool (If not amazing, just neat) transformations, and thinking "That's SO awesome i can cook by feeding him!!!" i just feel that he was a bit... uninspired like nothing special about him. (other than i've heard he can cross worlds with you to SW/ROG and i'lll give that points but it wish there were more hamlet specific things with him) i dont dislike him, i just feel there is alot of wasted potential, and i feel that's the reason even people who love hamlet are still annoyed at it, because there's SO MUCH potential, even if its not realistic to be able to do some things people want its sad to see (if you only include the hamlet and no world switching) has just.... basic? which is fine but sad to me, but i understand why, and i trust Klei, i just think hes cute and wanted more reason to be with the little bugger more haha so i suggested more hp also who's nightlight? or what? Also i realize i may have said hes not worth the time in my previous messages (I didn't read them again but i may have based on what you said) and after spending more time with him, i changed my mind i just wish he was more unique, although he doesn't NEED to be i just personally wish he was like the others
  4. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    I didnt mean it to be character specific i just meat a problem using you characters ability's.... hmm WX is a tricky one, since he doesn't have his own items/unique utility (obviously hes unique but you know what i mean) i honestly say your best bet is to get a iron hulk down there or super charge with a stalking cane for super speed and run through, or use the super speed and stalking cane to make the Tin armor/ Hat movement penalty not apply and then go on a log rampage with a ham bat (because it has no durability and if your in tin armor you can be ok with a weapon that isn't a dark sword or more damage) you could also maybe build pig houses while doing this so during the night they light the forest on fire, the plants should attack bat waves too, and you could always use Ro-Bin as a meat Shield, te suit if you want to go absolutely crazy, thats all i can think of really, good luck out there in the wild! I just meant before or after you use him to clear the 5th island, since if you don't o it before and you've already fought him once, it could be bothersome to get him again, so if you did it before you could have him in a cage able to use him for anything any time since you know exactly where he is.
  5. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    Yes but you can also get lucky, but i see where your coming from, just wish since (at least in my eyes) he is at least on par with the difficulty of obtaining Packims (if you could call luck difficulty, you'll fine Packims eventually but i agree it is as hard as Ro-Bin) i wish he was at least on par with him utility/ability wise in some way
  6. So i was curious, i often forget what i can do (an example being ill get set up have everything and then forget what to do next thinking "I can survive forever just like this if i wanted to" and forgetting i could go to another island or ruins Etc.) so i was wondering what each character is the best at what in Hamlet? Like how Wilba can steal from pigs and they give her items, is that more useful then some think or is it less useful then others praise it to be? with WX-78 is he really the best because of the lightning or is there someone else that better for some reason or another, i'm just wondering what the Meta is? as well as some characters that are effective yet still fun (not like Wes, more of a Wormwood/Wilba. not useless, like is Woodlegs good for some odd reason no one knows about even though there's like 90% land? let us know!)
  7. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    Who are you playing in this world? But until i learn that ill go with some Non-Character specific strats. This would work, and if you made a ham bat you wont need a lot of weapons (also if you're going this route i'd suggest a birdcage so you can turn the leafy meat into eggs) This is pretty good, and if you are already commited to this, i also recommend Teleporting him to the BFB island either before of after, why? because when you kill the Hulk on the BFB island his parts don't scatter the constant, they scatter the BFB island so you dont have to run around looking for them and it can help efficiently farm. Note: This may be a bug and may be patched out if it is but last i checked with the most recent patch it works, maybe its not a bug though. If you're ok with wasting resources (as in, if this island is that much of an issue and you're late game) it may be worth it to use the Iron Man suit (The blueprint the Hulk drops) and just have fun with it, or even use a BFB whistle as some sort of poor mans Bell. There are many character specific things i could recommend so if you tell me who your playing i can try and figure something else out, i hope this helped
  8. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    What if "killing" it made him panic and fly away frantically, and since hes so powerful and huge the wind he makes would remove all fog for the next coming season until next year?
  9. Im just wondering what world sizes people use and why they use them, Personally i dont know/care what i use but maybe with more knowledge from this thread i can find a favorite size
  10. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    Oh i thought it was similar to the BFG in Doom lol, im still gonna use my name though haha Thats like saying humans are friendly to ants, were not we just live with them.... although it does make him a bit more charming
  11. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    I think it would be cool if after you "Killed" it, it would fly away Dropping special feathers specific to the BFB for drops, this would allow players who still want it to be in the world to still get some drops and maybe after 20 days it comes back healed, OR you could go up to the nest and find it resting and climb into its mouth through a weird dungeon esque maze of innards until you find its heart and kill it, allowing you to get its heart to maybe use on the living artifact (or in one other craftable) for some weird upgrade also you could technically treat t he inside of the BFB as a new Huge cave-ish biome to explore, i know its crazy and alot of work but even if 99% of things anyone suggests dont happen its fun to just say stuff sometimes. Also does anyone know what BFB stands for?
  12. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    I somewhat disagree, he is harder to get then chester and packims, you get less for it, add on the fact that by many hamlet is considered the hardest mode (Maybe shipwrecked is for me though) and he just feels..... tacked on? like they thought t the last second "We need a chester? ok i wantto do something new with how you get him like maybe use the egg mechanic from tall birds, alright works for me and there we go hes in the game and neat..... i feel like im forgettting something..... whatever its probably nothing"
  13. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    I feel like as he is now he is not in any way a good use of time, but i feel he could be something special so lets get on with the suggestions. Ro-bin should have more health to allow you to take him out more without fear of your materials getting scattered and for him to be a meat shield, in accordance with at least someones (can't remember who examine maybe its more then one persons examine) saying he looks like he can hold alot maybe an extra 3 slots? And something i feel is never going to happen and is way out there but i like the idea, allowing you to jump into Ro-bins mouth to hide from thins like a bush hat, have him shield you with his health and maybe provide immunity to could and heat but you get wet from being in him. i know that last one is actually insane but... doesn't it sound like it would make him viable? if you ignore the visual and conceptual problems of getting eaten by a bird being weird its useful.... yeah i cant salvage how odd that is. i HAVE SINCE THE TIME OF THIS POST CHANGED MY MIND, HES USEFUL BUT I'M STiLL SAD HES A BIT BORING AND BASIC... Sorry i Had caps-lock on and i'm too lazy to go back and re type it lol
  14. Hey, i just made this because i was wondering if people actually liked other people joining their server and other things similar to it such as the bias towards different names (if you have any servers that for some reason or another, a specific name makes you not join them please let me know in the comments) because i stopped joining servers quite quick once i realized its kinda a gamble, sometimes you can join the server if its a player hosted one but if they're not on, good luck, and if they suddenly get bored and never play again that's all that progress down the drain, and dedicated servers, i don't know much about but i've heard they refresh every once and awhile and hat isn't too appealing to me, i absolutely LOVE the concept of multiplayer in Don't Starve but i feel sometimes if falls short on to fault of the developers and it saddens me, also if you're this far in i'm not sure if i'm allowed to share my Psn or Steam id here (i have both versions) but DM me if you want to add me i'm usually free except for work on weekdays, which thankfully is changing soon, but right now i'm available after 4 my time in the weekdays and almost 24/7 on weekends (bar sleep) Thanks for reading!
  15. Although this is true it may be worth it to wear some armor while harvesting im not sure 100% about the stats but some people i know said that its better since you only lose 1 hp instead of 5 (I think its 5) and if im wrong then, thats fine, i learn something new from someone correcting me