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  1. weird bug that ive never seen before and i cant find any other reference to it anywhere. when i click play and load the world this error message comes up. i tried disabling all the mods (none of them should cause bugs i only use a few basic ones that ive never had a problem with) and it still gives the same bug. i have no idea what caused it or what happened. the world seemed to have saved properly and then when i tried loading it again later the error came up. i cant think of anything special or different that i did on this save file that might have caused it. except maybe an abnormally large amount of items on the ground? but ive seen videos where people have much more than me and they dont have any issues so probably not. i have already submitted a bug report through the game so you should have my save file. its slot 5 maxwell, bug report was titled something like "world fail load maxwell world"
  2. also happens in rog, sometimes will seemingly arbitrarily revert back
  3. More specifically in Shipwrecked (since in Hamlet the bodies of water are too small). If you move too fast and get far enough away, other followers like pigs and Packim Baggims will teleport close to you in order to keep up. Ro Bin also does this but only on land. When you are on a boat, it starts flying and when you go far enough away it will remain in the same place and not teleport to you meaning you have to go back a long way to get it to follow you again and if you want it to follow you all the way to your next destination you have to keep pace with it which is very annoying because he flies very slowly. A temporary fix would be to at least give him a faster speed when flying.
  4. Shadow creatures make royal guards panic

    it'd be cool if this wasn't a bug since they are the closest thing in the constant to being considered "sentient" except the player characters themselves. maybe they can sense or even see them but are too scared to or cant interact with them
  5. you're missing the scope of my argument. if you're purely looking at it from a fuel cost/armour hp then yes, you can say that night armour is more efficient. but that's only in a vacuum. in normal gameplay, fuel is dirt cheap and super easy to get, if you link to rog and visit ruins you'll be swimming in it, so the limiting factor isn't fuel because you'll always have more than enough. you'll want to go to the ruins anyway for thulecite and gems and fuel just drops for free every cycle. whether you visit the swamp for reeds or not you will have enough fuel. so in reality, you either need to get reeds (quite time consuming even with coffee, you could be doing something else or at least using the reeds for something more useful) or use oincs to buy the night armour. there's many ways to farm oincs, so that's not the hard part. its actually getting the resources to build more shops and the lack of accessibility in the early game. if you only have one arcane shop, its not guaranteed that it will have night armour and you can only sell nightmare fuel once a day for 5 oincs, meaning that in the 4 days it would take you to get 20 oincs for an armour in order to break even, you could just be fighting shadows and using it on your cloak or for other magic items. you in the time that you farm pig skins to build shops or farming oincs you can passively farm fuel, go about doing more important things and keep your armour/backpack hybrid fuelled, take no damage from non-shadow creatures so no need for healing items and no need to carry armour taking up more inventory space. the excess fuel that you get (and you will have a lot) you can sell it or turn into a few night armours for fights that are better fought with large amounts of hp like bosses where vortex cloak isn't the best unless you're very confident at kiting, but at that point you probably don't need armour anyway so you'd rather have a backpack that grants you stun immunity and 100% dmg resistance.
  6. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    maybe they know how to differentiate between helpful and not so helpful comments. the loud minority who want attention for stating minor problems and think they're arbiters of truth are easy to spot. there are very few valid concerns with hamlet and it hasn't even been out for a week and they already started addressing most of them (eg teleportato) and more is to follow, i'm sure. people really don't know how to be grateful, only want things in the game that are for them specifically and have that exceedingly obnoxious customer is always right entitled attitude because in their mind just because they payed for a copy of a product they have a say in absolutely everything now. hamlet is great, they did a good job with it. could it have been better? yes. but with the amount of time they had, we couldn't ask for more, especially since we have no idea what went on behind the scenes and what setbacks they suffered because of development obstacles and such. there are many new mechanics that are quite complex and unique to dont starve that might've been very challenging to implement. its no surprise that those who complain the loudest usually have the least knowledge of how game development works
  7. i see this argument a lot and its just kinda silly. doesn't really make a lot of sense if you think about it properly, it only holds if you think about it in a vacuum not in actual gameplay and you don't even take all the factors into account. nightmare fuel is insanely cheap and easy to farm. you can do it whenever and wherever. you cant make 4 night armours with just 20 fuel, you also need 48 reeds which is a lot more time consuming than passively killing shadows while doing other things so in terms of productivity, rarity of items needed and usefulness, vortex cloak wins on every front. plus it does make you insane and you need fuel to keep it running. if you're good at kiting its a good item even for other characters than max, he just has the ability to wear it without being insane all the time. its great fun to use for me personally and for others too so if you had used a more sound argument for example "vortex cloak doesn't fit my playstyle" i would agree, but even then its not a bad thing to have variation because then everyone can find a way to play that they enjoy.
  8. i can read you know... its free for hamlet players, which im assuming is a large chunk of people
  9. why is wormwood free? let me give you money pls
  10. they could have decided to do any of those things. i was bummed out when i realised theres no new treeguards but now that i thought about it more i realise its probably a conscious decision. in rog/sw getting a shadow manip early on is incredibly easy but on hamlet its quite a challenge, theres a few ways you can get living logs but theyre all harder to do than on the other dlcs. silk is also extremely hard to get compared to the others and you need to kill birds for the horkus porkusator. im willing to bet they did it on purpose so you HAVE to go out of your way to find living logs instead of handing them to you like with totally normal trees and such. do you seriously believe they couldn't have made a new treeguard if they wanted? look at the ancient hulk. easily the most complex and unique boss so far, im sure they put a lot of time and effort into making it great. would making a treeguard, which doesn't require nearly as many resources to create, with maybe one/two attacks been a challenge for them? probably not. it was on purpose. hamlet is by far the most challenging and unforgiving dlc, it kind of felt like it actively punishes curiosity more than the others (tuber, ruins early on, poison jungle). resources are extremely scarce and regenerating food sources are mostly located in the pig city. theres no endgame dungeon and material because that wasnt the focus of the dlc! think about it. its all about the pig city (the city planning tab is in the same place as obsidian and ancient magic) so really youre being extremely unfair and completely ignorant to say that hamlet is missing something, when in reality its BETTER that we can build a pig city when we could have got another alternate high end crafting station which we already did twice already. game development takes time and resources, hamlet already got delayed a lot so im glad they decided to make it more special instead of more of the same with the time that they had, and it definitely feels very fresh and unique especially the early game. shipwrecked at the beginning in a lot of ways just felt like rog but with a different coat of paint and you can make boats. look at your own list, sw just had "alternate" versions of things already in rog with a few new things but hamlet is totally new in many regards. the community really needs to take a long look in the mirror and maybe think critically for just a minute before making so many unhelpful criticisms.
  11. Hamlet Disappointment

    you shouldn't have have come here for opinions on hamlet. form your own opinions for yourself by playing. i had a great time with it so far and had no idea about any of the problems that people voiced on here until i checked. all the new characters are simply brilliant, much better designed and more universally usable than the shipwrecked ones. i cant think of many things that i feel are missing from it except a teleportato which i was surprised to find doesnt exist for hamlet. but its honestly being blown out of proportion, the dlc is great, theres many great new additions and new concepts that i feel make the overall dont starve experience feel more complete especially when you combine all 3 dlcs. you can world hop between 3 dlc and theres the caves too so worlds are pretty huge now. megabase potential is immense and even if thats not your thing, you won't run out of things to do for a long time, theres so many combinations of playstyles and challenges that you can try. you can definitely jump into a game and have a lot of fun, dont let others tell you what you can or can't enjoy. the thing about it being unfinished is frankly ignorant. they've delayed it nearly half a year from the initial anticipated release and since then they made many changes and additions. heres one example of people being ungrateful and stupid: complaining about vortex cloak and that it sucks and should be better than it is. it's a unique item, nothing in the game lets you have armour and a backpack at once AND lets you recharge it on the go with the fuel that you can farm from the "drawback" which is sanity drain (fuel is extremely easy to mass farm anyway so recharge cost doesn't matter) but people cry for a buff. why? so it becomes an item that would be so good you never take it off? the only other item that is comparable is the krampus sack but thats a special case. no other item should be that good, especially not one that protects from all dmg + stun (nothing else in the game protects you from stun) + any effects from enemy attacks wont work and that you can recharge and not have to craft again THATS ALSO A BACKPACK all in one. its a well balanced item but people are such brats on here, they circlejerk on all the different posts until they all believe they deserved more. same with living artifact. its such a great item, but no its not enough that you can farm it endlessly whenever you want unlike other boss items, it needs to last longer even if its like enabling godmode and looks amazing doing it. i read all the complaint posts and theyre all really grasping at straws, pretending like minor oversights are a reason to call it "unfinished". the only legitimate complaint is the new supposed new features for every season which apparently we never got. what a joke. its unbelievable that every post on here after launch is complaining somehow. its kind of shameful. i cant imagine being a dev and releasing a dlc that you worked hard for and even delayed in order to make it good enough and have your fanbase spit in your mouth when its finished. THEY SAID THEYD CONTINUE TO UPDATE with fixes and tweaks. just because 1.0 is live doesnt mean theyre 100% done with it and they even said so themselves. so now that they finished developing the planned features, the focus will shift and all those oversights and mild complaints will get addressed. and if were lucky we might even get another major update like shipwrecked did somewhere down the line