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  1. Welcome to the world of Specialization! In this challenge you are only allowed 11 Dupes at most! Each Duplicant must be specialized to one job and one job only. Here is what you get! 1x Miner (Dig Priority) 1x Builder (Build Priority) 1x Supplier (Supply Priority) 1x Farmer (Farm Priority) 1x Rancher (Ranch Priority) 1x Operator (Operate Priority) 1x Researcher (who will be come your Astronaut should you survive) (Research Priority) 1x Artist (Art Priority) 1x Cleaner (Tidy Priority) 1x Doctor (Care Priority) 1x Cook (Cook Priority) You will start with the normal 3 dupes and must choose your starting three immediately. For each dupe once you choose their job head to the Priorities tab and set their priority for their job at max and for everything else turn off. This means your Miner CAN ONLY MINE, your Builder CAN ONLY BUILD, and so on. Every dupe may Toggle, Combat, Store, and use Life Support. If a Duplicant dies, well, if its your Artist, you may be ok, same for your cook, or your cleaner (Tidy). Take care of your Miner and builder and so on though! You may NOT replace Dupes! The goal is to send your Astronaut to space in order to win but its going to take teamwork! What do you take for your first 3? Which order do you bring the rest in? You may train your Duplicant in any skills but they may only perform their one. So each one can have the Exosuit skill and so on. Good Luck!