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  1. MinerToast, thank you for the answers, some of them are really helpful.
  2. Dear Klei, my family and I are playing Don't Starve Together for almost two months now. In the beginning the game was working fine (more or less), but recently we are experiencing so many bugs and glitches that it starts to become almost unplayable. We experienced the following bugs that make playing the game very unpleasant: 1. warping and teleporting all over the place, especially when there are multiple enemies (hounds, spiders, bees, bats) 2. reskin items from Belongings menu don't show up in the game 3. attacking the wall instead the enemies almost every time they are close to the wall 4. characters getting bitten by bats and hounds when entering the sinkhole or wormhole because they are stuck in bend over position for far too long before actually entering the hole 5. characters getting bitten although the enemy is on the opposite side of the screen (sometimes the enemy is not on the screen at all anymore) 6. giving the other player all of your logs when standing next to the fire pit instead adding fuel 7. it doesn't except the X control when you try to exit the caves in a hurry (especially during the earthquake) 8. often connection issues (can't connect to the server because you are not friends with the host message when set to friends only) 9. often the world is not showing in browse maps menu 10. not showing items names and controls in the inventory 11. way too many duplicate items from presents Are you aware of these issues and when can we expect some fixes?