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  1. Sometimes it happens that dupes, when delivering resources to a construction of pipes or cables and also, when delivering fertilization materials to farm tiles, that they miss a very tiny amount. That tiny amount then never gets delivered. With cables and pipes, the solution is easy, just cancel the build and start it again but it's aggravating when it happens to a mushroom tile, which takes a while to grow... Screenshot attached
  2. Getting a Duke Nukem Forever Flashback *shudder*
  3. Hello, I have 16 GB of RAM. when the game starts, it's at roughly 1 GB of RAM when in the main menu. After loading the game, it's at roughly 2 GB or RAM usage. I had it twice now that after playing a while, the RAM usage had gotten up to 12 GB I tested it and found out that the RAM usage jumps up by about 300-500 MB per reload. So, after starting a game and loading the save, saving and loading each time adds the ram usage. Is that normal? It looks to me like there's some memory issue there... Regards
  4. I have absolutely no idea how this program is supposed to function. Any button I click does nothing except place a small green square in the middle of the screen. When I use the Capture button, the small picture that appears below isn't even remotely what my mouse pointer was hovering over. When I use LCTRL + LCLICK the square doesn't change size, so when I try to capture Suit wearing as an interest, I get the WEA of the word, nothing else. Can anyone give me a fit-for-amateurs description how this program is supposed to work?