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  1. Can confirm this one. Have it in an iron volcano, one 5.7mg batch sitting at 1470,8°C (which I manually let through by changing the below to above in the temp sensor) followed by another batch of 953 mcg at 1390,4°C
  2. When the game is ended, no matter if directly quit to desktop or going to the main menu first, the Steam Library has the game still listed as running. The ONI process is not listed in the task manager and when trying to open it again, I get the error message: "An error occured when updating Oxygen Not Included (Game is running): 15196 <- this is a free translation from the German language, I don't know if that's the message that would appear if the client was in english, and the error code changes too. Hitting the stop button in the Steam overview doesn't help. Only closing the Steam Client and reopening it again brings it back to normal. I have already verified the data, no problems found.
  3. Sometimes it happens that dupes, when delivering resources to a construction of pipes or cables and also, when delivering fertilization materials to farm tiles, that they miss a very tiny amount. That tiny amount then never gets delivered. With cables and pipes, the solution is easy, just cancel the build and start it again but it's aggravating when it happens to a mushroom tile, which takes a while to grow... Screenshot attached