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  1. no mods are installed and i tried resetting my surface book to factory settings and it still doesn't work, it actually starts to lag sometimes right when the game loads where the menu is and if it doesn't then it starts to lag at duplicate selection. it worked fine 90% of the time before the newest update so i wonder what could have changed since the update
  2. i updated to the newest version of the game and ever since i did that, i can't play it because it starts lagging when i'm at the part where i pick my duplicants. it used to do this on and off before the most recent update but it would eventually fix itself after a restart of the game and i could play as normal. ever since the newest update, it just instantly lags no matter how many times i restart or reinstall the game. i've updated all my drivers, updated my computer (which i know it can handle the game), and i'd really like to play the newest update. has this happened to anyone else at any point? anyone have any fixes?