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  1. The generation of gold (copper) from nothing on an industrial scale in a short time. *google transl* add* According to current mechanics, when the door is heated to the melting temperature, a substance is released from which it is made, and the door does not melt and the door temperature is zeroed out. The auto-resetting of the door allows you to “forget” this very mechanics that it was subjected to an attempt to melt and, at the next heating, again to separate the substance. In the “Stalinist” version, the doors are located at the top and wildly consume the temperature due to its constant zeroing, while in this one the door is “choked” by its substance under high temperature, not allowing the temperature to be lost, and the door to cool even for a split second. The first run of liquid glass gave more than 500 tons of gold. Any radiant pipes behind the door will not work, because of the high heat transfer - the glass will instantly cool and the system will break. Also, the system will break when loading the game, because there will be recalculation of everything and everything anew, and at the same time the door will "melt" honestly. However, it costs nothing to sip another door), if you leave a vacuum inside, then you can run a hollow there to build it. *google transl*