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  1. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    Sorry, I m not very good a modingmyself, I started kind of 3 month ago and I have no other progamming expierience. I just know how to do very few things, that I teached myself by try and error. I would advice you to read a bit into the lua language ana look into the code until you find out what is doing what and use it for your projects. It´s how I do it, nothing more.
  2. How to add durability to hat?

    You have to add to: local function onequip(inst, owner, fname_override) this part: if inst.components.fueled then inst.components.fueled:StartConsuming() end and to local function onunequip(inst, owner) this part: if inst.components.fueled then inst.components.fueled:StopConsuming() end and this inst:AddComponent("fueled") inst.components.fueled.fueltype = "USAGE" inst.components.fueled:InitializeFuelLevel(TUNING.GASMASK_PERISHTIME) inst.components.fueled:SetDepletedFn(generic_perish) You don`t have to use this TUNING.GASMASK_PERISHTIME, you can take an other one form the tuning file, but this one would be the same usage lost than the gasmask
  3. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    There you go. Have fun Za Moddo.zip
  4. I have the problem. It`s the name of the Prefab. Put inst.components.stewer:SetCookerName("cookpot") into the local function fn(Sim) and it works.
  5. Hallo everyone, it`s me again, sorry. I changed the ANIM of the crockpot, just that nothing else that I am aware of. But every time I fill my new crockpot (slowcooker) now and klick on the cook botton I get an error. It seams that "attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'cooktime' is a nil value". I have no idea how that can come from the ANIM. Anyone any idea? Thanks to everyone. Slow Cooker.zip log.txt
  6. Beds for Hamlet

    Version 1.0.0


    Beds for your Hamlet house. This beds function like the tent but with unlimited uses. Can be found under the chairs tab. DS and Hamlet are needed.
  7. New stoves for Hamlet

    Version 1.0.0


    Do you enjoy it like me to come home after a day of work, and light the firepit in the livingroom befor you grab a book and sit in an armchair? No? ...well... have some stoves then, I guess... This 5 stoves function like firepits. You will find them under the lamps tab in your hamlet house. DS, SW and Hamlet is needed. New Stoves for Hamlet.zip
  8. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    At the moment I don`t have the time to do that, perhabs I will get to it next weekend. But if you don`t want to wait, I showed you, want you need to do in the beginning. Just try it out.
  9. Structure is not showing in game

    I made the image completly new and now it`s working. Don`t know why. Sorry for wasting your time.
  10. TEX Creator makes 3D instead of 2D

    You can find the download here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/1333-texture-and-atlas-packer/
  11. Hello everyone, I wanted to make few little stoves for the hamlet house. So first I made a very simple one to test it. And everything is working besides one thing: It`s just a @%§$& hovering fire. Somehow my anim is not showing up. I have already look into other structure mods and read the tutorials like The Artist's Guide To Character/item Modding but I can`t get it to work. Has someone any idea what I do wrong? Thank to everyone My Mod - New Stoves for Hamlet.zip
  12. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    I don`t know which one you mean with hound attack boon with beefalo hat, honestly. But here are the rest. Za Moddo.zip
  13. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    There you go. Have fun. Za Moddo.zip
  14. TEX Creator makes 3D instead of 2D

    Thanks for looking into it. Found an other tool to work with, problem solved.
  15. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    I can do it no problem.