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  1. It's expected and commonly utilized behavior that opened doors do not conduct heat in a vacuum. (also: Drywall tiles will not, FYI) Many widespread builds make use of this behavior. I put a few more hours in - had the thermo sensor further into the steam chamber as I noted it was cycling the door somewhat rapidly when placed right next to the aluminum heat busbar and cold water return. A few squares away so it cycles less often and it has not recurred yet. My conjecture is that it was something to do with rapid cycling right around the autosave stall period (which at ~600 cycles is a several second hard-stall). As it hasn't recurred and I haven't been able to make it do so, I'll just have to continue to observe.
  2. Noticing an issue that has cropped up twice on me since the last upgrade - I use doors in a vacuum to gate heat transfer to my steam turbines. Very basic setup - thermo sensor in the steam chamber, green signal if temp > 200. Noticed that the temperature was close to 300! (should never happen) In looking around, discovered the door is still conducting heat even though it is open. Manually closing and re-opening the door did not resolve the issue. Either deconstructing it and rebuilding, or saving the game and loading makes it go back to not conducting heat when open (as expected). An easy way to quickly tell if the issue is present is to mouseover the door - if it's temperature is fluctuating (with game unpaused, obviously), it's probably bugged. If the door is open and temperature is static, it's probably not glitched.
  3. Been waiting! Fantastic! I don't see this in the mainstream update list though - do I need to go to the experimental branch for this one?