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  1. 55 minutes ago, justinliew said:

    We just put out 1.46 which fixes one bug in the login flow that might address some people's issues. If it doesn't, we've also added more diagnostics in the fail case which will continue to help us beat this bug. Please let us know what you're seeing on the latest!

    Yup fixed here too, I only just woke up and saw the update so thought I would check, I can now add people, start a game, get my daily gift and everything else. Seems good so far.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Corey said:

    Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that today we put out patch 0.1.45 today on the PS4. While we hope this patch may bypass login connecting issues for some, we don't expect that it will fix it for everyone.

    That being said we've added a new feature that optionally lets you skip attempting to load your inventory if your connection is taking too long, and should let you play without those items short term. If you opt to do this option, it will send us an even more detailed report log of what is going on with your game and connection automatically. This way anyone still affected after today's patch will be sending us even more info to help fix this issue.

    We really appreciate everyone's patience and thanks to everyone who have taken the time to add their information here and provide detailed reports so we can fix this for everyone ASAP.

    We will continue to monitor the issue, and we'd love to hear if this did or did not solve the issue for you.

    It lets you log into the game now but if I attempt to add another person in the menu the game locks up, although the music still plays and the backgrounds still keep moving nothing can be interacted with, as in pressing anything on the controller does nothing. So you can't start a match or anything.