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  1. expontaneous cold polluted water

    If you dont pick mined ice tile up, it will slowly thaw and melt on its own. Also check the cieling above where it keeps happening, and see if you have pH2O ice blocks above it melting on their own and dripping down.
  2. stupid algorithm Dupes

    Change your dupes priorities or set them all to neutral ( - ) and it should smooth a lot of this behavior out. Any time they have a max priority job, they will interupt other jobs to do it, causing this behavior. Not a bug.
  3. Same with carbon skimmer water that is frozen (skim it, freeze it, break it). I've done that to get rid of pH2O before. I agree it's odd. Then again, it's odd the dupes sometimes store .72 of a mealwood seed in this container, and the other .28 in another, then plant both as independent seeds. Fixes take time, and are a process. I believe SOMETHING is going to change about, but I just dont know what. In the meantime, I can confidently say the half loss is not a bug.
  4. I mean... the dupes are shoting a big ol ghost busters laser at a wall and calling it mining. Bound to be some loss. I'd say wait and see, but it's been like this since the start and releasing on the 28th. So... it's just an odd thing to contend with for now. I dont even check tile densities anymore, tbh. You quickly have so much of everything that it stops really mattering before you even mine out the temporate zone.
  5. I agree with you that it's an odd choice. Like I said, I believe the intent was to impliment a mechanic where a higher digging skill showed not just speed, but more accurate and skilled digging which would preserve more of what you're trying to keep. The experiment shows what you want in that example, yes, but because the amount of impurities you can fit in 100kg vs 1100kg is vastly different. When cooled, it's either a small enough amount it doesn't matter, or it's large enough that it does. Still, losing half of everything has always been odd and over harsh. I just assumed the rest was destroyed since the dupes dig with a ghost busters esque laser. Btw, in tune with your experiment, the best way to harvest gold/copper/iron volcanoes uses this idealogy. I believe you can go up to 200kg and maintain the nugget block status. That said "pure" harvesting is even more silly. Pitcher Pumps. The starting pump's "straw" has no heat limitation, and the liquid emptying machine doesn't either, and it pours out at less than 200kg a second. Make a side pool of cooling water, set a bit to be pumped at a time, and suddenly it's raining refined metal.
  6. Unlimited objects from Printing Pod

    Not gamebreaking in the sense that it crashes or makes the game unplayable, but gameplay breaking in the sense that it removes the need to do most of the game. Why dig out ANY zone? Why explore? Why even make a farm/grill? Why make a metal refinery instead of a rock crusher if I have unlimited sand and ore (the waste no longer matters)? I personally dont use it, but it is completely breaking when used, and unbalancing when used on accident. I produced a bug on accident that WILL get abused, figured out how to reporduce it with some testing, and reported it. As is the purpose of this ENTIRE forum. It's confusing that you're wanting to be oddly abrasive about it.
  7. I agree that it's an odd choice, but that's how it's been since the start. I think the concept is that while the tile is made up of primarily the element you see, it's not COMPLETELY the element. Things like ore will still have waste rock and dirt and impurities to deal with. I've always had the idea and perception that eventually something like digging skill might change the amount you get from the tile (instead of only 50%, maybe like a 65-75% range), but at this writing that simply isn't the case.
  8. Unlimited objects from Printing Pod

    Well considering it can be used to give you unlimited food, warts, coal, fertilizer, dirt, water, etc on cycle three, without having to leave the temperate biome or do any form of digging or exploration? Yes, one at a time, but every third cycle you choose what you have an infinite amount of next. I would certainly call that completely breaking to the games mechanics. Literally dont need to make a farm when I can just wait until day three, and then take five minutes to make 600 nutribars and be set for hundreds of cycles. Automation/smart batteries? Why bother? I have enough coal I have two dozen coal generators powering lightbulbs strictly so they'll make CO2. If you're wondering, the 70 wheezeworts handles all the heating issues. It's only cycle 9, but I have a good feeling about this run. As for time, it takes a considerable amount of time to type the process, but in practice it literally only takes about 8-10 seconds to do. Drop, save/load. Drop, save/load. Longest section is the load time. (for what it's worth, if you're SPAWNING warts instead of FINDING them, maybe it's not a great example of a unit of time. The speed of one bug or the use of sandbox mode does not invalidate a bug found in a playthrough that DOESN'T rely on bugs, or the use of debug/sandbox mode.)
  9. When you select an item for the printing pod to make, with a little timing you can have that printing pod drop an unlimited amount of that item. When the animation starts, theres a very small window where the pod has opened and dropped the item (visible via a little impact puff on the ground), but the portal is still considered active (you can still see the light). If you save the game in this window, upon loading the game the printing pod animation will restart but the item will still be saved as on the ground which will produce a second of the same item. This process can be repeated as many times as you like, and each time you get a new "packet" of whatever the item was: 3 eggs, one WheezeWort seed, etc.