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  1. I read posts, and I react accordingly. I like to know what I'm responding to before I make a response. Here I am now telling a Senior member how to use the Klei forums, and any forum for that matter. Next time, please respond to the points I address rather than resorting to ad hominem. Thank you.
  2. It's no wonder I hadn't joined the Klei forums until long after I had first played Don't Starve (back when there was a promo for it in Team Fortress 2), and even years later I was hesitant to join. Coming back after a long break from the forums, it's a shame to still see that the primary response to requesting change in Don't Starve/Together is "Go play another game." right beside "If you don't like it, mod it." No one should scrutinize anyone simply for how old or how young their forum account is, or even how new or old the players are themselves, as every critique is valuable. They are the stepping stones set for games to guide themselves in the right direction. No one here is in here to "take away DS," as if it only belongs to you or select others. DS/T belongs to everyone, as it is a product that was made for the public, and will rightly have its criticisms. In case I'm also too new of a forumer for your Senior ears, here's a PM from JoeW in regards to the value of Junior and Senior Member titles. Take notes @x0VERSUS1y @Rosten, and @Jessie223 I'm sorry that your first few hours in the Klei forums was a circus full of Senior clowns practicing their comedy routine on you.
  3. The original post has got length, and there is an absolute abundance of posts in this thread. The original post is something refreshing to see because it's a lot better to be properly concerned for a game that has a fair amount of fatal flaws, though some of the points in said post are not ones I agree with, but conflict is inevitable. Overall it's an admirable effort to raise awareness to those who still deny that Don't Starve Together is fine as it is, because with its event content thrown in the trash and its developers neglecting crucial player feedback, along with not playing their game and testing the content after releasing it, it's far from fine. Don't Starve Together has immense potential that has unfortunately been overlooked by the developers, and that is presumably what the community is upset about. To condense my post, I'll select parts of posts that have caught my eye, and respond to those: A fair point, but it's difficult to blame ourselves and not the game when, say, we struggle to find utility in the Goose form with its inability to do anything but run over land and ocean with a speed that's less than stellar. Arguably all forms aren't that great, with their required conditions and duration, and they especially don't make any sense from a characteristic standpoint. Woodie was an interesting character when he was introduced as the Canadian with a curse, and had additional dialogue with him and his talking axe Lucy, but with the introduction of eating totems or rolling the dice on full moons, he's now a human with the unexplained ability to turn to one of three animals of which provide varied benefits. As others have said, he's turned from his characteristic "Lumberjack" to "Canadian Stereotypes Incarnate," and has ultimately lead another Woodie main to stray away from the character. Threads like these exist because there is an inherent problem in the core production of the game. If you're arguing that Don't Starve has always been like this, then others are free to argue that Don't Starve/Together has always had a problem. Ideally, Don't Starve Together should have been made to have difficulty that requires skill and not memory, as others have pointed out. Its learning curve is also not that high since it's only a matter of learning basic game mechanics that carry on for the rest of the playthrough. I don't think players should be forced to use obsolete items and play a game in an unorthodox manner to derive enjoyment from said game, especially after only a few hours of gameplay. I understand that in all games, players would reach your expressed plateau, but Don't Starve Together has potential to not have to be played upside-down after only a few hours if Klei genuinely listens to the community and doesn't trash assets and mechanics that their past events have provided, but instead implements the event content into the base game. This would provide more options that ultimately wouldn't spook new players and would provide variety for old players. This is a terrible mindset to have. Ironically, as an advocate for Don't Starve Together, you're only driving away new players with a statement like that. We don't have to play Don't Starve Together forever, but we surely can express our wishes for the game to reach its fullest potential, consequently renewing the interest of old players and welcoming new players to a world that has life, and not only Mushroom Lights. There are threads out there that have explained in length exactly what needs to be fixed about a character. What is more frustrating is for our knowledge that developers are not acknowledging said threads and instead going on their own journey to presumably "fix" a character in their eyes. To call select forumers "cry babies" is simply immature, and rather disappointing from a Senior Member of the forums. This is a defeatist mindset. It is easier to simply say nothing and accept what's been given, but it's disheartening to deliberately let a game die down and lose what value it originally had. The "FEEDBACK" you're referring to was made after the fact, and not before, when forumers were making threads about Woodie's core flaws. It's sad to have to "adapt" to something that's simply not good, and if you hate when something happens, do something about it rather than do nothing. I agree there isn't ever any pleasing of the entire community, but there is surely opportunity to please more players than there are now. I've seen comparisons such as Terraria and Minecraft thrown around and set side-by-side with Don't Starve/Together, and the only thing I can say about that is that Terraria and Minecraft have done their formula right, whereas Don't Starve/Together has not yet reached nirvana. This is a false statement. Each character is a Wilson that essentially works as a tool in their own ways, basically using a tool in a different way to have the same outcome. There are many other players out there that haven't made a forum account and contributed to this thread because of attitudes like yours. Leaning towards a mob mentality based on responses in this thread only is unwelcoming for new and old players that browse the forums without having made an account, and it would be best to consider the opinions of everyone, not only a select few.
  4. There are a fair amount of people, however small or large that number may be, that do enjoy playing PvP in DST. In fact, most of them who do don't approach the Klei forums due to regular forumers such as yourself that talk down and belittle the newer forumers who have been long time players and short time forumers, which in all honesty is quite disheartening. I myself haven't had the courage to make an account because of all the toxicity portrayed by not just yourself, but other regular forumers who seem to argue against points without thoroughly reading posts for the sake of arguing, possibly to maintain the status of a respected Senior Member. I'm sorry if this comes off as somewhat offensive, but can the Senior Members please climb off their high horse for a moment and take into account what the minorities have to say too? There are a bulk of PvPers who have DST but are still waiting for its PvP aspect, and we know of this because of players, both in the forums and out, that have expressed their opinions about PvP being a fun feature that isn't fully fleshed out. Now, this is another concerning point: Why should a percentage of people be neglected when that would equate to neglecting a percentage of not just initial game sales, but also in-game transactions for DST. We would provide visual evidence of people who like PvP, but previous ones that have expressed their thoughts on PvP were immediately shut down by people such as yourself. Either way, if there were a more PvP-friendly forum out there, there would be your evidence. As was mentioned prior, Strictly Unprofessional was a great example of a thriving PvP community, where back in its day it had a maximum capacity of 45 players, I believe, and it was at its peak of 42 out of 45 players, and let me tell you it was a thrill to have been in that match! As for PvP mods, there shouldn't ideally be a large modding group because mods don't fix a game's problems, it merely masks them. You're bringing up percentages again, which is, as I've stated already, a denial of a percentage of sales for either the game or in-game content for said game. I don't know why we would want to exclude a percentage of customers from a game—Don't Starve Together—that we all like. I suppose that would be my question to you: Why do you want to exclude a percentage of players from the game we like so much? I think this point needs to be clarified. My opinion is that PvP shouldn't exactly be a priority more than it should be a consideration. What I mean by that is that though of course the addition of new biomes and general content for PvE should be the priority, PvP should also be considered within Klei's pool of ideas for the next big update. Now, I'm not sure how you know exactly how Klei's dynamic works for you to state as a fact that Klei can't do this and can't do that due to resources and whatnot, but for someone who likes DST that mentality comes off as more pessimistic than anything. I personally would like to believe that Klei can achieve quite a lot if given the time, and if that means more delays, so be it. You can refer to Shigeru Miyamoto's quote not as set-in-stone, but as a sentiment that can apply to DST's state: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." Another way to alleviate the concern of delayed content is to have more communication with the players, even if it's a small post saying that there's a small issue, or that everything's going slowly, but going great, that's what I'd want to see. Basically, any form of new content will either have or not have some form of returns/profit, and I can understand your concern there, but there have been flops when it came to PvE content too (a Toadstool that will not be named), so it's always better to be open-minded about anything and consider both the good and the bad of all things, PvE and PvP. Once again you seem to be name-calling, which with your currently unpleasant attitude is rather upsetting. Not only is this last post outright slanderous and unnecessary, but it's also contradicting your desire for "PvPers" to gather evidence of other players who enjoy PvP. If this is all tiresome for you, you can simply stop posting direct jabs at forumers who enjoy PvP and, in your words, "move on" from this thread.
  5. This is a point raised that most might not completely follow. I would like to believe that most people play a game because they enjoy it, and that's what I and many others have been doing for a long time now. With lengthened playtime, some can start to see flaws in a game, and for those that enjoy the game, we want to continue enjoying the game without having to see the game dig its own grave and doing nothing about it. We don't mean to belittle the game at all, in fact, I would go as far to say that we love the game! It has its charm and, though it's rough around the edges, has potential to be even better than it already is. So to answer your question: We're still playing DST because we like the game. Your analogy about World of Tanks is, to say the least, quite defeatist. I understand that sometimes you have no power to make change in a game you like, but if I were in your shoes, I would at least try to express some of your concerns with the game, because in the end, it's still a game that you enjoyed from time to time. To say that others should "move on" if they're not enjoying the game is upsetting because you're driving away new players that are genuinely interested in a game that is, well, interesting! I too will be waiting for new content, but I believe that the opinions of others should be valued, no matter what that opinion may be. All in all, I'm for DST's gamemodes and mechanics to be revised and improved upon, and this does include PvP. I also hope that you will refrain from being as condescending as you have been to the others, not to call out any names unless need be, because I don't want this game to die. I really don't, and even though PvP might be distasteful to you, it's more potential for new content that doesn't have to be forced into PvE. There are workarounds for many things in life and in video games, and I'm hoping that said workarounds benefit DST and all who enjoy the game, including the supposed 1-4% who have fun playing a niche gamemode.