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  1. stupid algorithm Dupes

    I know why it works like this. it works stupid.
  2. stupid algorithm Dupes

    it happens on a flat surface Dupes must fulfill the request "deliver and build" "Builder" taken from the other side of the base we're talking about standard errands.
  3. Episode 1 1. Dupes receive a delivery order 2. Dupes are coming to the warehouse 3. Dupes get the material 4. Dupes DROPS material 5. Dupes forgets a task Goto 1. Another Dupes receive a delivery order Episode 2 1. Dupes delivers material for building 2. Dupes has no ban on building 3. Dupes walk away 4. Another Dupes receive a building order
  4. in "energy summary" turbine always produces maximum
  5. My Dupples do it on-game (I saw them put it down.)
  6. there are no mistakes in translation. Oops..
  7. how to edit a post?
  8. Duply put incorrect resources into buildings Coal in incubator sandstone in Grill Polluted Dirt in Rock Granulator Mafik Rock in Bottle Emptier