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  1. in the new test build the seed "S-FRZ-5011628-0" generates a Geoactive, Geodormant, Irregular Oil, Frozen Core map. Iin the live build the seed is Geoactive, Irregular Oil, Metal Rich, Frozen Core. Both seem to be identical except in the test build the seed is not metal rich. Test-Build.savTest-Build.sav Live-Build.sav
  2. @k_nicolesure, here is the save file The Twilight Domain.sav
  3. @Ipsquiggle There is a typo in the super sustainable achievement, i started a new colony and have 277.3kj / 240.0kj
  4. The ability to paint ladders over tiles prevented you from running heavy watt wire or drywall behind ladders
  5. @Ambaire no it did not that's why i was asking if it was always like that or if that was new since it was not like it spawned near the oil or the surface just way more to the left Rime Seed: 1907887165 Geoactive-Frozen Core-Metal Rich-Geodes the pod is on the far left side of the map
  6. was the printing pod always off-centre on rime maps? i generated 4 or 5 and the pod was on none of them in the center
  7. i am not sure if it is intended or not but buried an irregular oil tend to have a lot of wells, 8-10 seems to be the norm for these traits but i have seen a map with 14 accessible wells and two in the neutronium wall
  8. do you know how much table salt each dupe uses per cycle?
  9. @Siromatik it consumes sand when you run ph2o through the sieve clean water runs with 10kg/s unchanged through.
  10. Has anyone an idea how to build auqa tuner cooling loop that keep circulating when the tuner is disabled by the automation? You also can not run a pipe through several white inputs anymore it is as if pipe segments after a white input dont exist.