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  1. Yes, the file with the number 43 at the end was cleared so I delete it and server worked fine. So it is fixed now, but thank you
  2. Yes, the file with number 43 at the end was cleared, so I deleted it and it works fine. Thank you so much
  3. Hi, yesterday, after a month, I turned on my server. From the beginning, everything was normal, but when the server was almost turned on in the server master, an error occurred and the master shut down. So I start it again, but same problem. I had one more server on another computer, I had this server turned on a few days ago. I tried to turn on this server, but again the same error has occurred. On this server I have 2 mods, the another server is vanilla, but the error is the same. Master server log from the modded server: server_log.txt Master server log from the vanilla server server_log (1).txt Edit: I fixed this problem. Some save files was cleared and I delete these files so the server work now
  4. Yesterday, I started my dedicated server. The server was 1 month offline and this error happend in the Master:server_log.txt So I started my another server but this server is on another computer. This server was online a few days back, and the same error happend... I need help. Thank you in advance
  5. Do you have some mods on your server?
  6. Rot is still in development, something new will be added in the future (probably)
  7. Hi, there are very few servers that are for the Czech and Slovak Don't Starve/Together community, and I'm not talking about dedicated servers yet. We have two dedicated servers. Since also have my own discord and steam group, it's even better. If you speak Czech or Slovak you can join our discord server for more information about our servers. Our discord server
  8. @ZillvrThank you very much. The main reason for my problem was that I didn't save the steamCMD in separate folder created in C :. When I moved CMD to C :, everything works ... (so far ). But I have a question for you: When I turn off computer, my dedicated server stays on or does it shut down together with my computer?
  9. @Zillvr Hi, I have the same problem that @ui7j3w, I have steamCDM stored in a separate folder on the desktop. In the Klei folder I have a functional StartDSTServers.bat but it is not possible to run it. I reset everything and withdrewagain but still nothing ... I need help. Thank you in advance
  10. I do not have StartDSTServers.bat in the Klei folder. Can anyone advise me?
  11. Year of the Carrat screanshots (I have only 2): Yay!
  12. I have the same problem but this time he is stucked on land:
  13. Yes, but I still think that there should be no normal penguins on the lunar island, so I think it's a mistake, although I don't know if it's intentional.
  14. I gave Gnarwail food to follow me . But when I came to the mainland, Gnarwail kept following me until he managed to get to the mainland.