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  1. Does this mean that the next RoT update will be remwork swamps?
  2. Wurt

    I think something's going on
  3. Turkish Translation

    This is a don´t starve together bug tracker, the place you are probably looking for is here:
  4. On the one hand it is true,but again I think there should be some intelligent creatures. But not everyone. I want AI refresh not just to be more intelligent but I also want to add some features of mob to make the game look more vivid. For example, some penguins could leave the nest in the winter where they would fish, you could watch them (or hunt too) as they jump out of the water. Furthermore, it would be interesting if jumping creatures such as spider warier could jump fences or jump on the ship. The picture is not very important it was just some picture I found. What matters is the text and thought that is in this thread. How do you find a picture that better describes my idea you can send it I think it's good because it allows people without the equipment to flee through almost certain death, and it's quite fun.
  5. This is exactly what I wanted to say, it will give me that games with primitive AI lose the challenge. The farms should be eliminated, to make the game bit more challenging, but I certainly don't want food to be a major problem.
  6. I don't want food to be a bigger problem I just said that if it were as Well-mett said about the idea of AI improvement, it would make food a bigger problem and people would complain.
  7. I think people could complain that they can no longer get so easy food and that it can be just boringly tedious to get food. This would make the food a long-term problem and people couldn't just go on a trip or underground and build a mega base. But I think that in DST can survive comfortably without farms and tons of meat in the fridge that usually rot. I agree that AI in DST needs reworking
  8. remwork=refresh The mod is very interesting but I don't use mods that add something to the world or change it. But thanks.I would like to write my idea in more detail but since English is not my native tongue and I help with google translator, it would be very hard for me to formulate it so that it makes sense. In future maybe Yes, one of the options. I was also thinking about this possibility. However, I think that many people would not like this option, because most farms are a stone cage, where there is fro example some favorite food, where the crowd doesn't really know if it's going or not moving. Now I change remwork to refresh
  9. The AI that is now in play is sufficient, but very primitive and very easy to play. I think if some mobs in DST get AI refresh, the game will be harder to play, but not in that boring style. It might not be a big change, but at least something would be useful. Certainly, it would be useful if mobs recognized obstacles and avoided them or something like that. I know it's hard to do but it's just my idea for some future updates. picture from Klei frorums: Year of the Gobbler 80% Google translation
  10. I think this glitch will probably never be fixed, I have a reason:
  11. But i have in documents-klei-dont starvetogether-in cluster 3-master and server.
  12. Thanks, but I don't even have the server on vanilla.
  13. I have all the data from that server but I don't know how to run it.
  14. Hi, I've had a server for 350+ days, but it's not there anymore. North was pretty old, I created it at the end of 2017. The game was still on the same computer. I haven't played this server for a long time because I'm on beta. The server does not have a cave and is offline because at that time I did not know that the caves are: D. Is it possible that the server would lose some error when converting the game from beta to vanilla and vice versa? Can I recover my server? (English is not my native language so excuse me for mistakes) Thank you in advance