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  1. My idea to repair that is cancle building meat bulbs and spawning tentalces on boat but, this is my idea
  2. when you place spider den on boat the spiders doesnt spawn. But the spider den is growing and can be used to easly farming silk without a fight. Similar bug is with meat bulb, you can plant it on boat but it does´t spawn the eyes on boat then you can easly farming the leafy meet without fight too. And last bug is with the wickerbottom´s tentacle book you can spawn on boat tentacles (it's pretty strange) and you can the boat drowned and kill the tentacles without fight
  3. When I clicked left click on mouse on the nothling and I salling on boat nothling is fall on ground but when the boat is going it is on water and on water havenot the water animation. PS:I noticed it because I'm a detailist.
  4. Yester day this bug was fixed but when you play on morning or afternoon that was not. It was fixed on evening (at least for me
  5. When did it happen to you? I have similar problem and now it is fixed (probably )
  6. My Idea to repair this is cancel the construction of catapults on the ship
  7. I was sailing on ocean, and water flowing into my ship. I will repaired that but I miss clicked and the boat patch was stucked between the masts and I cant pick up .it. here you can see:)
  8. I was on ship I have so much masts if I cant jump to land:D Then I will abadon the ship to get on land. After leaving the ship I doesnt was on dry land but I was somewhere in ocean. When the animation end I stay in water but when I wanted to walk I am drowned again. But now I was on dry land freezing and with any stuff. When I go back to ship and wanted to try again the same thing but now i have some screnshots to help. Here you can see when I try again I was no in ocean or on land I was behind the border. But now I can behind the border walking.
  9. I can plant seeds with wormwood in the lunar island on the moon turf. I don´t know if is a bug but I think that is not normal. And you can plant on normal turf lunar trees and stone fruit trees too here you can see:) .
  10. My tamed beafalo is on land he is still going to me but I am on boat he can´t go to me but still going. when I am ported the beafalo on boat he can eat there and when I go on land and he is on boat he will runing to me but he cant he was on a boat and cant jump from the boat to me on land.
  11. You can go with this on klei DST RoT bug tracker:)
  12. /rescue not working

    For me is the point of this bug the reality when you can go on ocean and no that thing:D