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  1. Hi, there are very few servers that are for the Czech and Slovak gaming community, and I'm not talking about dedicated servers yet. That's why I decided to fix it, make my own dedicated server. Since I also have my own discord and steam group, it's even better. If you speak Czech or Slovak please join our first dedicated server! The server is for a maximum of 20 people and is without a password. Name is: [SK/CZ] Official Vanilla server. Link to our discord: Thank you for helping me set up the server: Moderator @Zillvr @Electroely @Sweaper
  2. @ZillvrThank you very much. The main reason for my problem was that I didn't save the steamCMD in separate folder created in C :. When I moved CMD to C :, everything works ... (so far ). But I have a question for you: When I turn off computer, my dedicated server stays on or does it shut down together with my computer?
  3. Everything works so far thank you very much. You helped me a lot.
  4. I have downloaded the SteamCMD Zip folder. From the Zip folder, I chose Normal Folder, which I placed in my created folder, which I named the same. Could you explain what component C: is? Maybe it is the origin of this problem. Thank you very much for your help
  5. Yes, I've already made a working StartDSTServers.bat.
  6. @Zillvr Hi, I have the same problem that @ui7j3w, I have steamCDM stored in a separate folder on the desktop. In the Klei folder I have a functional StartDSTServers.bat but it is not possible to run it. I reset everything and withdrewagain but still nothing ... I need help. Thank you in advance
  7. @ElectroelySo I have a well-functioning text document in the Klei folder, but as soon as I turn it on it writes me this: Windows cannot find the dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer entry.
  8. I do not have StartDSTServers.bat in the Klei folder. Can anyone advise me?
  9. I have a problem in the manual is described that I have to go to \\ Documents \ Klei \ StartDSTServers.bat but I do not see the StartDSTServers.bat folder in the Klei folder. Otherwise everything works well
  10. I need advice on how to create, (or whether I can create) a dedicated server. Because I have a steam group and I would like to create some server that will be on all the time. Thank you in advance.
  11. I don't mean in the game, but in your poll.
  12. @NickolaiInteresting picture, where did you get it? I still can't imagine that something like the one in the picture would be in the game.
  13. Above all, it is important know that Klei does not make updates random, but every update has a story that fits into DST.. And explain to us how height is related to the story of the game and its tradition? This is the main reason why I think it will never be in the game.