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  1. I am a hardware guy instead of software and feel the same way. Must be a bad memory leak as it gets worse and worse the further into the game you get till it's nothing but lag. Only in split screen with my wife. Xbox one x and I've searched for a fix. I think the reporting process needs enhanced. Thank you for the great game but please fix this issue Klei!
  2. I have an xbox one x with 300Mb internet. I have no issue with any other game. As mentioned above I have constant lag while split screen. I have also purchased the game for ps4, my iPad, and PC but would like to be able to play split screen when the kids are playing on the ps4 and PC doesn't support split screen. I have been a computer technician all my life and not seen support like this where a company could care less about their largest product on a major platform. I can submit a bug report but can't add comments what the problem is and there is no response. I really think this could be a very cool game in vr but would not want Klei at this point to have anything to do with it.