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  1. I rly liked when resources was ranodm such as 514,2 kg and 387,6 kg. Not like now sand = 1000 kg , igneous rock = 1840 kg , dirt =1840 kg . It was all the fun to see such a variety. Now its all like in old arcade game, you get wood you get 100. Sand? 1000. Im with you from the begining and you made SPECIAL game (722 hours on steam) and you always made game in a way I like it. But ... this is first time when i dislike change. That dont mean i will stop playing :DXD
  2. Pneumatic door

    Thanks guys! It looks my brain was bugged. XD Didnt saw that earlier. Thanks again!
  3. Prinitng Pod

    The Printing Pod options can be reseted simply by loading game. If there are no good choices simply click load. I dont know it should be this way. Regards guys!
  4. Pneumatic door

    Pneumatic doors dont stop dupes from walking by even with permission accses. The funny thing is that when I have mechanized airlock it works perfectly.