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  1. Thanks for pointing me there, i'll pop on over.
  2. I hope that's unintended. You can encounter slimelung very early on in the game. To construct the medpack you need balm lily, which is not so easy to come by early on. Especially not in high quantities. I could make 2 of them where I am at right now and have had 4 instances of slimelung as I wanted to see how bad it was so i wasn't taking precautions. It seems to me that the doctor dupe should be able to treat the slimelung on the triage bed to hasten the recovery from slimelung. I believe recovery is something like 6 cycles normally. It is additionally unfortunate that you cannot assign them to quarantine, as slimelung can spread. I've heard it can't spread in clean oxygen so i relegated them to 100% downtime to keep them there, but all the other dupes get a morale hit when they encounter infected dupes.
  3. I have duplicates that have contracted slimelung that cannot be assigned to the medical bay, specifically the triage bed. They do not automatically go there on their own either. I initially thought this was because i didn't have the medical bay setup prior to them contracting slimelung, but i just got a fresh duplicate with it and the same result happens. I have already tried reloading the game to no effect. Relevant screenshots attached. -Kyo