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  1. I thought it was strange at first, but when you explained about the disadvantage of fire I loved it. Solitude and Family is not something explicit in the game, but it is very present in the atmosphere of the game, I think the loss of sanity by other dead players should be greater, making the wreath ineffective, against the sanity drain. About mimica, I just find these values too high, and I would not like it to be limited to combat, just. (But that's just my opinion, I hope I'm not rude). Yes, wow! The defense with invisible walls would make the combat much more interesting (at a cost, of course). Well, I don't think Wes's balloons should do any more damage. And few animals are irritated by them ... I think only dogs really. His balloons seem to be more focused on the collective, such as sanity, comfort, welcoming, fun, decoration. (Maybe its popping noise could scare the animals) Face painting is really cool, besides you suggesting that, I think he could paint other players, strengthening them too. (Furthermore, his face is the only part of the character that is rarely hidden by other items). I liked your idea, I found it very creative, I hope you share others you have. In the end my opinion doesn't matter, but I liked to imagine those things.
  2. Hello, I would like to know if: Is it intentional when texts appear on Wes when reading Pearl's messages? I know it can only be in thought, but would he need to mimic? If that is the case?...
  3. My main attraction is this one. I wanted to post it before the RoT update ended. Caterpalrus I found the name cool so I made an effort to create this creature. Boar / Bear And I didn't like this one, but if it is well designed I would think it was beautiful. Flamug I am very busy lately, and my creativity is turned to other worlds. I would just like to share my Caterpalrus as soon as possible so I put these two creatures to go with it. Thank you, bye.
  4. This Skrab was very difficult to draw. Hawkobra doesn't look very convincing, but its wings are used to glide. Unfortunately after I finished painting Giratle I realized that I could make your front paddle on the right aligned with the rear paddle. Thank you for your visit.
  5. So nobody will analyze this short? Listen to that Epic sound at the end of the video, when he's gets serious. (I shivered) It looks like Wes is tired of feeling powerless and doesn't want to be underestimated anymore. He will prove its worth! He will take action on it! And Wes will bounce back!
  6. Hello Wesbie is how I like to remain anonymous. I still don't speak English. I am not good at painting, in perspective, in proportion or in shading. But I decided to put some of my thoughts here. This is a Goatopus! This is a Sprog! This is a shrisnail! I appreciate your presence.
  7. I think she should stack at least 2 elixirs. (I haven't had time to play with it yet, but I think it would make it a little more customizable, consequently making everyone proud of their build). I needed to write this, now I can die with a clear conscience.
  8. I loved Abigail! She is so cute! Those few seconds were enough to make me cry!