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  1. was just an example, could not express myself right.
  2. not everyone has the words on the tip of their tongue. Alzheimer's... may be "recent memory loss" like Dory (Finding Nemo) ***If it's not Wickerbottom, may be another which does not even exist! *It's cool because it can bring a special necessity. *can be more difficult, it is exciting. a new gameplay! Sorry, I did not intention
  3. She knows more, but after a day, she forgets everything it has learned and, when relearned, she gains sanity again. She will forget things she has learned, not the things she already knows. ; ) The orb of the moon can be useful for it because it is portable. I Don't speak English very well, but I need to talk. What all of you think guys? Klei you can make any character with Alzheimer's. If not for Wickerbottom, may be another which does not even exist. Please comment =D