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  1. Ideas for boats and sea mechanics.

    I agree tbh, the boats speed and mechanics have been a major letdown so far with literally no purpose other than getting to one biome. With the way the floating platforms are designed, the best way to take advantage of this design is to allow mobile bases to be created. Could be pretty cool if u also have option to make smaller SW-style boats to get to and from the sea base, would make team gameplay more interesting too ("ima go get mactusk while u control the wheel for the next 100 days trying to veeery slowly explore the map, brb")
  2. Not sure if it is meant to be a different sound from DST, and I cannot remember if it was like this the first time I played DS. But it is definitely more irritating and I cannot describe it other than a weird sinusoidal volume effect, so I attached the file DS_insanity sound.wav to listen to. I tried to reinstall the game and it did not change anything. I want the smooth ambient effect otherwise I'll need a tam o'shanter IRL. Thanks *Edit: Running win10 x64 PC, sound issue applies to both RoG and Hamlet