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  1. Hooray thanks for all your hard work guys! @JoeW @CharlesB @JanH We now have Wurt too
  2. We use two account on the same oceanic PlayStation and neither have the option to buy Wurt or any of the hallowed stuff. Wurt is on the main page as the picture but still not on our store. we have tried resetting PlayStation and game to no avail. Is there any information or fixes for this?
  3. Us either.. any further updates? @CharlesB @JoeW
  4. Damn, very disappointing we were really looking forward to something new
  5. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Klei ID KU_7veFK_lu We are in Sydney Australia. The work around to play online still works for us in split screen, but not every time. This started with the Wortox update and is now “gathering supplies” also.