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  1. @Oldfart thanks again! Your method worked well, after around 7 rollbacks we got the blueprint clops eye and an extra Krampus sack
  2. @Oldfart Thanks, this would seem to be the fastest way. Might give this a go next winter! Enjoy your day
  3. We have killed misery and normal over 5 times and only ever get the glowcap recipe. Does anyone know the actual drop rate? I have scoured forums and wiki ect and have read that the glowcaps blueprint has a 10% drop rate and mushlight “should be higher” but can’t find any actual numbers. It’s only for aesthetic reasons we want it but I don’t want to endlessly farm him if say the loot sack from Klaus is higher? Any info appreciated!
  4. @Mx-Pain You are most welcome! I actually planted some spider dens in an out of the way area and turned them into queens and just let him fight with them until he dies, pop on a spider hat and grab your fossils and heart ect and then reset go again! Seeing as you didn’t kill guardian (rhino dude) you could even use him but it would be a bit more hectic to retrieve your fossils and heart I imagine! We have also had depth worm waves finish him off once before also, there are probably a lot more options I haven’t thought of too!
  5. After you kill fuelweaver and ruins reset use him to smash all the monkeys and houses! Fastest and easiest way to get rid of them. Do as much as possible in the nightmare phase to get better loots!
  6. Graphics Platform PS4 Do you use mods? No Version Number Fully updated Issue title Skin for the sorcerers staff is invisible on the ground and reverts back to no skin when held in hand. Icon in inventory is correct. Steps to reproduce login to split screen ps4 re-skin staff and equip or drop on the ground in game.
  7. Klei ID KU_7veFK_lu We are in Sydney Australia. The work around to play online still works for us in split screen, but not every time. This started with the Wortox update and is now “gathering supplies” also.