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    I am trying to find a few screenshots involving the chaos that I am experiencing. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198126096235/screenshot/826883954580049434 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198126096235/screenshot/826883954580048851 Ok, I have one problem. I only have 1 nitre. I can only make one gunpowder. OMG NO! COOKED EGGS MAY SPOIL FAST, BUT THEY SPOIL INTO ROT? WOT

    Ok, I started off a shipwrecked world. Moved over to Hamlet on around day 80 and the aporkalypse started already. I managed to get the aporkalypse ruins without a gas mask, but my trouble is that I have no way of breaking the suspicious crack. I have no gunpowder and breaking the pillars to collapse the suspicious crack is not working. Does anyone have any advice? For now, I have gotten out of the ruins, chopped down 6 trees, got 4 eggs and I am going to wait 6 days for them to spoil. (cooked eggs)
  4. 2 Bug reports

    I really don't want to go through the whole process of explaining every detail. Basically I use steam, gameplay bug, current version as of now (not sure what it is called), bug titles: 2 Roebins and duplication of times Basically it works like this. You use the skyworthy in Hamlet and hold the roebin item on you, roebin comes to survival (which isn't suppose to happen) and once there, you put items in roebin e.g 20 wood and you leave to go back to hamlet. Once in Hamlet, you collect the items from roebin like usual, and you will recieve the 20 wood you put in roebin. Then you go back to survival, and open roebin and you will find 20 wood, which means you will have 40 wood altogether, 1 stack from survival and the other from Hamlet. You can do this with any item in the game. I am not sure of how the other bug of having two roebins came about, but this is my assumption: Basically you need the eyebone and the roebin item. With the roebin item and eyebone in your inventory, nothing will happen. Drop the eyebone on the ground, keep the roebin item. Relog, and another roebin will spawn near the eye bone. The duplication glitch did not work with the 2nd roebin. Just a question, you guys gonna fix your gloomer glitch to spawn like 100 krampus by logging in and out which respawns gloomer on a full moon? That glitch has been in the game for so long and it is rog, which is not in beta...