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  1. Hello Seemed to have gone away when I travelled to ROG and then back again.
  2. I am being attacked whilst my sanity is very high Hello guys My sanity is around 100% (raised it by mushrooms etc after it was very low) but I am still being attacked by Crawling Horrors? I am playing again now and my sanity is at 78% and I cant shake off a Crawling Horror, it should be fading with my sanity so high. Horrors should not be appearing solid with such high sanity. Even with around 80% sanity new horrors appear. I think it may be a mod fault or the fact it is a merged file (ROG, SW and Hamlet)? It says on fandom they only attack when sanity is below 15%? PS: I am playing shipwrecked. I have just saw this on another forum so it is not my imagination. (there was no suitable answer there). ====================================================================== I've lately gotten what appears to be a annoying bug with shadow creatures. Basically, I have several that refuse to despawn at full sanity. They roam my base, get in the way when I try to click on chests, and will overwhelm and kill me if my sanity falls too low (too many to fight, and raising my sanity again doesn't stop them from attacking). I assume that this is a bug. Has anyone else encountered this and found a fix? I'm on day 130ish, and would prefer to not restart (though I may have to - discovering this cost me my last touchstone).