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  1. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Hi, Previously I also facing the same issue but somehow I manage to logged in by accident without knowing the reason behind. Tested multiple times and it always worked. I am living in Singapore and my PS4 got 3 accounts. 2 accounts are under Singapore region and 1 account under US region. The US account is the one I purchased and installed the game. I usually play split screen co-ops with my girlfriend. 1. Log into any one account and select power -> switch user until all 3 accounts logged in under one game controller. 2. Switch to one of the Singapore account and log off. 3. Press the PS button on the controller again and go back to the US account. Execute the DST and it will be logged in as usual. -all 3 accounts must be logged in to get this method worked. -the account to execute DST has to be my US account. -if player 2 of split screen try to reactivate the account which I logged off previously and join game. DST will prompt the error message “PlayStation not signed in ......” -seems like it doesn’t matter whether the account logged off is having PS plus or not. I am not sure why it works so I just gave all the details. Hope it helps.