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  1. I think it is not about fridges being useless and wasteful, but people being weak-willed. I have two doctors, so one could heal another. They produce vitamin chews as top priority. When I mine slime I flood entire biome and mine slime under water. Algae distiller is built right above water, so dups can't drop slime anywhere except water. I have more pilots than rockets, sometimes I replace pilots so they don't have to live the rest of theirs lives in rockets. I don't disable incubators to save power... I could continue but point is I see my actions being much more useless and wasteful than fridges. Yet I have absolutely no problems to commit them. I think the fact that massive demands were to nerf CO2 pits(very few wanted to leave it as is and only buff fridges) and after that demands to nerf vacuum(to use food temperature) proves my point. Loud people do not want variety, they want to force others play the way they see as right. I have no problems with exploits in single player games which requires explicit actions to use them. Like drop sand on flower pot, make pip plant seed there, copy settings to other pots to get a lot of plants that do not need solid fertilizer. I stopped using wheezeworts when they started to use phosphorite, but I use them again now with this exploit. Putting food in CO2 pit is explicit. Why, for example, not power fridges in CO2 pit and imagine that it is required to preserve food?
  2. Food acts as debris and exchange temperature with tile below even with insulated, but not with airflow or mesh tile.
  3. More like a rudiment. I didn't know what design would work, so food in theory could be stored in a room behind two water locks. Height of locks would be increased to make dupes jump and avoid debuffs(if this wasn't fixed).
  4. Food cools very fast inside aluminum tiles. 1kg of food(weight of cooked portion) is cooled from 30 to -45 while moving around wheezeworts, then it is stored in a vacuum on airflow tile. Screenshot is from the base game, but I don't see why it wouldn't work in DLC. Maybe need to move it a bit because of the radiation. Two domesticated wheezeworts(they don't need phosphorite because of bug usage) is overkill. I cooked a lot of food, yet they don't do anything most of the time because temperature is already at minimum.
  5. Hooray! Old version(469300) was published as beta branch. You no longer need this instruction to downgrade. From now on I will backup games from Steam directory for easier restoration in case of unwanted updates.
  6. Changelog discussion had a link to instruction how to downgrade games. But it is outdated and no longer works. You can't download old versions from Steam client anymore, so you will have to use third party software with your login and password. That is a big problem. If you can accept and play recent update just do it. But I never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. 1. Get DepotDownloader Go to download last version and unpack it somewhere. 2. Get .NET runtime to run DepotDownloader Go to and download right runtime. If you don't know what runtime is right, download and unpack it in same directory with DepotDownloader. dotnet.exe must be where DepotDownloader.dll is. 3. Get right version of game Go to and select ManifestID from version that was before update. The problem is that I don't know date of that version. Recent versions have debug files or can't be downloaded because of errors, so they are not right. I used my psychic superpowers and they told me to use ManifestID=3950115360070662764 from 25 June 2021. That was for Windows version, if you use Mac or Linux you need other depot and manifest, use for Mac or for Linux. Now from directory with DepotDownloader execute command: dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 457140 -depot 457141 -manifest 3950115360070662764 -username YOUR_STEAM_LOGIN -password YOUR_STEAM_PASSWORD Replace depot 457141 with 457142 or 457143 if you download version not for Windows. Replace manifest 3950115360070662764 if you download version not for Windows or don't trust my superpowers. Replace YOUR_STEAM_LOGIN with your real login and YOUR_STEAM_PASSWORD with real password. DepotDownloader most likely will tell you "This account is protected by Steam Guard. Please enter the authentication code sent to your email address:" Enter code from email and you will get old game files in "depots\457141\7036323" 4. Replace all files in "PathToSteam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded" with files from "PathToDepotDownloader\depots\457141\7036323" 5. Launch game from Steam. You should see BUILD: CS-469300 As you can see there are a lot of possible problems during downgrading. And you can't load game if you saved it in newer version. So this instruction is for a brave ones who are ready to risk.
  7. But I play on Windows. And have background problems in forest biome too.
  8. My start menu in Windows10 stops working every time I update video driver. My guess is that your video driver crashed. Don't know how to check it, but you can try look in Windows system journal. press Win+R type: eventvwr.msc and press Enter. Look for events that happend when start menu stopped working.
  9. Am I the only one who got strange background colors for biomes with update?
  10. I built gantry too close to rocket so it receives damage even in retracted state. Each time when rocket lands(but only once after loading save) it drops 100 kg of steel. Other gantries don't drop steel, so damage must be done to not retractable part. video.mkv
  11. I just decided to provide feedback about that I don't like. Most unpleasant is that two weeks ago I started a new colony to get all achievements in one. Now I will discard it and wait until all DLC development is completed, so rules don't change mid game. Then I will compare what game was before and what it become. Most storage problems for me are solved with "sweep only" on all containers. Dups don't bring ore from space and don't dive into erupting geyser for some debris. Most of all I want bug fixes and improvements in AI. "Sweep only" doesn't help when dupe decides that work is over and time to drop everything on ground(critters, slime with slimelung, etc). When they drop food they are eating on floor somehow makes me even more angry despite being harmless.
  12. Unpleasant news for me. I didn't care about most of the changes in the DLC, others were annoying. So I went back to the base game. There are annoying things already like when dups find something very hot and bring it into the middle of the base(for example ore from space biome). Dups do not differentiate temperature. Now there is durability mechanics. But dups do not differentiate durability. Food storage mechanics changed. But dups do not differentiate how spoiled food when cooking, eating or loading rocket. I see pattern here. Maybe fun for someone, but for me it is a micromanagment hell. Seems like time to drop ONI and move on.
  13. I released more than 100 dense pufts from stables and now I am often getting messages that they are starving. This is not AI lag when you can pause game, wait a bit and animal will start to eat. Only way to unlock puft is to reload game. Novour.sav
  14. I am confused like KittenIsAGeek. I always thought that you load texture in GPU's memory and when you want to draw it, you send draw command with coordinates and ID of that texture. Even if my understanding is completely wrong, I still fail to see how CPU's load is related to out-of-memory crashes. I would understand if they create textures dynamically. Let's have a single stack of dozens debris, instead of drawing dozens of textures, it is possible to create a new texture for the whole stack, which consists of debris textures drawn on top of each other.