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  1. Just and update on the game. I have had this app for a while and I recently updated it and before this update I never had this problem. So the things in the game like trees and stones etc, they will sometimes disappear on my screen but it shows on my map. Some will just flicker on and off my screen. I was playing a custom map and I've only changed a few things and this started to happen. But on my previous saved game before the update it was completely fine and I believe it was also a custom map. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. It's to the point to where it's unplayable because I can't see most things and I have to rely on my map to find the resources I need.
  2. I've been playing the game recently with the beta testing. So far everything is alright but I have a problem with the difficulty of it. Example is the poison. It's difficult to get antivenom so I would suggest that instead of the poison slowly kills you until your health is completely gone, make it last for a certain amount of time instead. Or make it a bit easier to create antivenom. Overall I love it so far and hope you keep adding things to this game like maybe a floating platform that we could build on and have a base on water.