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  1. Well I haven't seen a thread about it. Also I have doubts if klei is aware of the situation and its scale ( We are talking more than 48+ dedicated servers here.) 280+ accounts are farming skins for 10k game days , majority of the servers are around 20000 yes 20k game days old, oh boy just imagine how long they have been farming. If this is fine with klei's Tos I have nothing to say.
  2. Hello there, I just stumbled upon an oddity in the server browser and I wanted to share with you. There are at least 45 dedicated password protected servers -that originated in Eastern Europe- have strange similarities: *All of them only have simple map editor mod. *All of their residents are Wilson. *All of their profiles are either steam level 0 or private profile. No actual people at all. Seems like a massive scale skin farm operation to me. Even I, myself idle for skins sometimes to be fair, but this is ridiculous. Just look at the screenshots!
  3. Idk if this is intended or a known issue but it didn't make sense to me and wanted to report it.