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  1. Rain and Snow Lag Fix - Together

    With new update, this mod causes some issues at game start.
  2. Lunar theme keeps playing while doing some actions on Lunar Island even though music volume is set to " 0 ". Other themes get muted as intended, afaik.
  3. Wall's Obstacle is too big.

    " Can' t place wall if there is one item nearby. " You actually can, just make sure that you dropped that item on the wall grid perfectly, but you gonna need this mod : And enable drop on grid from settings, place 3 piece of wall as u did in this screenshot: Place your character in the middle and shift + right click to drop that item perfecly on the grid. That will allow u to place the 4th piece of the wall.
  4. I use tethering to play dst sometimes and it works flawlessly, even better pings and speed than my wifi cuz my isp sucks.
  5. I was playing on some unmodded public servers and the wold gen was default. Actually there was a glommer statue on the deciduous biome down below along the road.
  6. Idk if this is intended or a known issue but it didn't make sense to me and wanted to report it.