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  1. HI! thanks for your reply, I installed some 12 mods but! even if i didn't use any mod it keeps happening;; and I still wonder why this problem happened recently; my world has been 167days and suddenly it keeps losing the connection? if the mod has a problem is the problem has to happen at first? anyway, really thanks about your help!
  2. this problem happened 2day ago and keep happening to me. the server keeps losing connection within 2-3 minutes when I played in my server
  3. i can’t install Periodic Table item on the wall. so after i made it by onions, i can see it but it suddenly disappears when i holding it and approach to the wall. but build button is still activated, however,even if i press that button, it’s not work. the main problem is here, Renovate Tab still activated when i go out of as a result, i can’t use city key...i think it overlapped with city category, i totally can’t see and use that city category because of house interior category. i put the screenshot in here.