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  1. I have had the same issues as above. From Melbourne Aust. But I have been able to go the back way by clicking offline as soon as the logging in came up. I start an offline game, log out and it comes back to menu and I can login in online and play spit screen. The game freezes if you wait a while to press offline. I have a friend who has tried this as well but has not worked from him.
  2. Please fix this. It's been over a week. I really want to play DST again
  3. Yep, same problem, haven't been able to play for over a week. Surprised nothing has been done yet.
  4. I created a new bug over the weekend but now can't find it but still having the same problems. Won't log me in in online mode Have tried to log in, in offline mode but it freezes and won't go any further. This problem is on everyone I play with in Australia. Please fix!!
  5. I get to the press play page but one i press play it stays on the logging on page and won't go any further. It stays logging in and won't do anything. This only started happening after the update (wortox update for PS4)
  6. Yes same both my and a friend can't get past the logging in page. It eventually freezes.