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  1. Stricking and pretty, just like the mime man himself!
  2. Thank you! Here is more badger: You would think that, but this time its Maxwell's own stubornness and isolationistic tendencies doing him in. As for more new art, have a tired blep, ...and Moth Maxwell
  3. Yes yes, now they can be partners in crime >:) aw thank you! The space au is still very bare-bones bit its up there hehe Aw thank you! The annoyance of that ponytail is probably why he only has it for a a few weeks of the year at most. As for a content post, here is one. BT Maxwells, Beast and Standard Forme (My girlfriend wanted me to draw them death stranding crossover art and thus I have obliged <3) ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER AU This one involves Maxwell trying a nocturnal lifestyle and it impacting him in unprecedented ways. Mostly a slow creeping corruption most likely a cruel joke by Charlie as if his daytime exhaustion wasn't enough.
  4. OH my God Wirt!!! I loved Over the Garden Wall in high school and it works so well with this smol Swamp queen! She too runs from the beast's of the dark...
  5. I love Bee Chester!!! The differentiation betwen the body and leg texture is really great and it makes me want to cuddle them.
  6. Welcome, welcome to the place in which unusual and uncommon pieces of Don't Starve fanart may be displayed. Below I have organized previous works I would like to share into categories for your viewing convenience. Additionally you may find more works or contact me on my Twitter baizecraze. Giant Villagers Crossover Artwork: Soul Reaver Crossover Artwork: Minecraft "Normal" Don't Starve Artworks I hope you enjoyed!