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  1. Game is digital. Seems its a different problem for everyone.
  2. Hey, I've tried to get in a 2nd account, without psplus, and it worked for me. Though, I still cant get in with my main account, which is the psplus one. See if it works for you.
  3. I cannot get in the online part of the game. It just keeps endlessly logging in. Though, I can indeed get in the offline menu. But, when I try to reconnect through that menu, like clicking the button "Shop", it takes me to the usual loading screen, and it FREEZES there. Also, I cannot create an offline world. When I create the offline server, the game FREEZES in the loading screen. You said that you fixed it, but its not true at all. I could play fine before the update, so fix please ASAP. It has been like that for a week. Infos: PSN Nick: LuckyTigerPT I am in Portugal, Europe. Started happening immediately after the wortox update. If you need some more data about me, just tell me. Im expecting a future answer from you. Thank you.
  4. I have the exact same bug. When I try to log in, it stays logging in forever. When I go to offline mode, I cannot create a world, because it freezes in the loading screen (the dots stopped moving). Also, when I try to reconnect through any other button in the offline menu, the loading screen freezes too. I am in Europe.