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  1. I honestly didn't know that existed, lol sorry. I'm new here and am still trying to figure out how the site functions. This is like, the only forum type site I've used.
  2. Hey! So I had just recently started up a let's play series of Don't Starve. I had my little sister play it, because she has pretty much no experience with DS, so I thought it would be funny to watch her fail. But then she did fairly well and ruined that whole plan. Anyways, we played using a custom character from a mod pack, and played as Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls. (Link to mod pack is in description of video.)
  3. Really well made mod! You did an amazing job of making the characters fit in with the art style. I actually just recently started up a let's play series of Don't Starve, and had my little sister play because she has like, no experience with the game. She chose to play as Dipper.