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  1. scripts/components/waterproofer.lua#L17-18 if inst.components.inventoryitem ~= nil then inst.components.inventoryitem:EnableMoisture(true) got an exception [string "scripts/components/waterproofer.lua"]:17: variable 'inst' is not declared should be if self.inst.components.inventoryitem ~= nil then self.inst.components.inventoryitem:EnableMoisture(true)
  2. Code misspelled

    I got a crash while playing dst. [string "scripts/components/talker.lua"]:81: attempt to call method 'RemoveEventCalback' (a nil value). Obviously this is a misspelling, "RemoveEventCallback" was mistakenly spelled as "RemoveEventCalback" So when are you guys going to fix this issue? I can only fix it myself first.