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  1. Game сan't connect Klei officials servers.Statys in loading...
  2. [Game Update] - 142

    I tried a other account and could play online!! I have 3 accounts in the ps4 and the game work online with only one of them.My main account(have PS+) just always hangs on the "logging in"...
  3. [Game Update] - 142

    Here is my KU_7veFK8xx
  4. [Game Update] - 142

    It is sad!The endless loading screen when logging in from the Start menu.
  5. [Game Update] - 141

    If i click ''Play Offline'' game starts without problems offline.If i will delay on the "Logging in..." screen game getting stuck.
  6. [Game Update] - 141

    I also have the infinite loading screen Only connect offline.