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  1. 10 minutes after sending the above image, we were able to login for the first time in two weeks. I restarted DST and my housemate joined me. We were going to play offline but she accidentally attempted to login and I noticed it went to 'reporting the weather', it then continued and logged her in. I went to shop and it allowed me to login too. Previously, her account has also gotten stuck at 'gathering supplies'. Now, attempting to login this morning, it is getting stuck at 'Gathering Supplies'.
  2. Presently able to load an offline world sometimes, but can't log in. Located in Sydney, Australia. KLEI USER ID KU_opnrqxEs
  3. Still nothing. Can't login. Can't play offline world. This is really frustrating. I only bought Don't Starve Together a week ago. Just got into it and now I can't play it. What's the status of this game breaking bug?
  4. This isn't fixed. I'm presently unable to login (endless logging in) or play offline (endless loading). Was functioning fine about 3 hours ago, now is unplayable.