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  1. There is almost no consequence to committing crimes in hamlet. Once you've dug those bushes, you can bring them home and pay of 1 or 2 guards some day later when you're stinking rich from your stolen berry bushes. In addition, every crime is punishable by death, but excusable for the price of one meal, which seems a little off to me.Surely there should be some sort of more in depth criminal justice system, where perhaps for minor crimes, if the player surrenders somehow, the guard may escort them to a pig court, where some sort of quest of forgiveness could be assigned. If the player resists arrest, then the guard should alert all other guards to the local criminal, and attempt to subdue and arrest/attack on sight depending on the severity of the crime. On that topic, one should also be able to break and enter with the purpose of theft to town houses. It could be a renewable way to get some basic resources, and something to do while you're waiting for the bramble season to end. A good consequence could be that robbing pig houses increases the likelyhood of villainous pigs assailing you, or perhaps even entering your house. All in all I believe that a better criminal justice system would both make cities feel more alive, and help reduce the one downside of the game, waiting for movement-restrictive seasons to end. Also take away the guard pigs torches, they're more of a fire hazard than my stupid campfire.
  2. Shears

    Also there should be alloy/gold shears which are more durable
  3. I have found a glitch when using hamlet interiors beta, I don't know if this also applies to the non-beta, but if one prototypes an interior object (in this case, a door) the interiors tab stays open when exiting the building, and while it doesn't allow you to build these outside, it does cover up the city planning tab.